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Please see the attached YouTube links for two television programs that are ready for distribution.  Both programs should be of interest to the general public.
The program on THE HOPE INITIATIVE should be of particular interest to the Law Enforcement,  Emergency Responders, and those working in  addiction treatment.
The program on the Brain and Addiction will be of value to youth, educators, social workers,  and those parents and professionals who are working to prevent addiction or respond positively to those who are already suffering from the disease of addiction.
Please feel free to share these video with your local public access television stations and anyone in your community who is concerned with the Opioid Crisis   As a Rotary project, these programs are being offered  to the public at no cost.
Please contact Rotarian Dave Mangs for more information.

ATTENTION all current and incoming Presidents:

Mark Brady, District 7890 Governor 2019-2020, invites you to attend this year's Pre-PETS training session. You can choose from (3) dates. Each date will feature the same sessions, so you only need to attend ONE of the days. ALL incoming Presidents should attend to become prepared for PETS.

Select one date suitable for you:

Thurs. Jan. 31, Geer Village, Canaan, CT, 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Sat. Feb. 9, Storrowton Tavern, West Springfield, MA, 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Wed. Feb. 13, Nathan Hale Inn & Conference Center, Willimantic, CT, 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Registration will soon be live on rotarydistrict7890.org

Registration and breakfast buffet start at 7:30am. Hard break at 10:45 when snacks and coffee etc. are served, and 11:00 to 12, PE’s wrap up with questions and discussions, and sitting Presidents break away to meet with DG Kate to discuss how your year is going, Club Citation tracking, and other important topics.

Rotary International Northeast Presidents-Elect Training Seminar will be at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center on March 7th at 2:00 PM thru noon on Saturday March 9th. Visit https://rotarynepets.org/ to learn more and to register.

The Rotary District 7890 Addiction Task Force partnered with the Elks to present an educational program at Manchester Community College Thursday 10/4/2018 on the Manchester community’s response to the addiction crisis, and an explanation of how the disease of addiction takes hold of our brain and destroys the lives of addicts.  In 2017 there were 72,000 deaths from drug overdoses in America, and nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend who has been addicted to drugs.  This epidemic cuts across all sex, race, age, educational levels and every socio-economic status.  As Rotarians we have a responsibility to address this epidemic by doing what we do best: education, collaboration, and advocacy.  The Rotary District 7890 Addiction Task Force has established three main areas of focus:  CREATE AWARENESS of the crisis, INCREASE AND IMPROVE ACCESS to needed and successful services, and REDUCE THE STIGMA OF THIS DISEASE.  

     Manchester Rotarian and Police Chief Marc Montminy, the Rotary District 7890 Addiction Task Force Chair, and Sarah Howroyd, MSW Co-Founder of the Manchester, CT Hope Initiative described the shocking and rapid growth of the addiction crisis and overdose deaths in our country and our state.

They then went on to explain how the MANCHESTER, CT HOPE INITIATIVE has successfully linked law enforcement with treatment services to provide an alternative to arrest and incarceration, while creating a path to recovery for those afflicted with the disease of addiction.

     Our second presentation was made possible by the Elks who brought in a nationally recognized speaker from California: Ray Lozano is a Prevention Specialist and Youth Speaker. Ray, described how the reward system used by our brain leads to an obsessive craving of mind and body that results in our pursuit and use of substances which then takes precedence over all other healthy activities and drives.  When the video program becomes available, please share it with your local service clubs- Rotary, Elks, Lions and Kiwanis, local public access television, our schools, police, and other community organizations.

Many thanks to those who are working to “Make A Difference” in their communities to address our Addiction Crises.
From left to right- Dave Mangs PDG, Marc Montminy Manchester Rotarian and Police Chief, Marc Glass Rotary District 7890 DGN, Ray Lozano Elks member and national speaker on Addiction Prevention, Sarah Howroyd, MSW Co-Founder Manchest , CT HOPE Initiative, and members of the Manchester Elks Lodge.
District 7890 Exchange Students got a taste of college life last weekend at Springfield College.  They kicked off activities with a wet tour of the campus and then a lunch with the President of the college at her home.  Since it was Homecoming Weekend, there were lots of alumni roaming the campus.

Our four inbound girls from Mexico, Chile, France, and Thailand passed on watching a football game because Catalina from Chile said, “ All those guys do, is roll around in the grass”.  Well, that’s one interpretation of American football but one probably not shared by enthusiastic football fans everywhere.  They opted instead, to watch afternoon movies at their host’s home.  After an all American dinner at “99”, they attended the 109th annual Springfield College Gymnastics Exhibition.  More of a
Cirque du Soleil type of show, the girls enjoyed it and even tried their hand on several of the apparatuses.

If your club would like to invite our exchange students to a club function or entertain them at a sporting or theatrical event, just contact
Rich Friedman at richefriedman@yahoo.com for more information.
Applications are in the process of being submitted to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) for two more Global Grants (GG) to support the funds necessary to purchase materials and supplies for sustainable clean water and sanitation facilities in the Mayan villages of Chajalajya and Simajulehu.  As with the 22 previous projects sponsored by District 7890, all labor will be provided by the men and women in the communities.  765 families (approximately 4,743 people) will benefit from these improvements.
     District Chair for Water & Sanitation Projects Rick Lawrence is gathering the required documents, MOU’s, training templates, pro-forma cost estimates and other information that must accompany the GG Applications.  This information is being obtained from the Cooperating Organization, ALDEA, and the Host Rotary Club in La Antigua, Guatemala.
     District 7890 has been the leader by providing District Designated Funds (DDF) since GG’s were initiated by TRF six years ago. Yearly, close to half the clubs in our District have assisted in the funding and this notice is intended to remind those clubs that their support has been so instrumental in achieving the required funding.
     In March 2019 Rick and his wife, Elin, have scheduled their yearly visit to participate in the completion and dedication of the three villages funded by last RY’s GG’s – Pamezul, Vista Hermosa and San Vicente. Upon their return to New England in late April, they will once again offer to be the guest speaker at clubs in CT, MA and RI in order to show how these projects improve immeasurably the lives of these people.  Any club desiring more information, or to schedule such a presentation, should contact Rick by cell phone (860) 558-2793 or email: elawrlaw@sbcglobal.net.
     Photos show the potable running water and sanitation facilities (improved pit latrines) at each household in the 3 villages visited in March 2018 – Xesajbin, Cojulya &

Southington Rotary plants trees in local parks

On May 11, members from the Southington Rotary Club joined forces to plant 3 trees in local parks in Southington. Two trees were planted at Rec Park and one at Panthorn Park.  Environmental Sustainability is a major focus for Rotary Clubs all around the world.
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