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DG Mangs was recently on a TV Spot  produced by Channel 5 in West Hartford, Ct.  "ROTARY MAKING A DIFFERENCE" with special guest Shirley-Pat Chamberlain. (click TV Spot  or the picture to start the YouTube video)
Rotarians everywhere are moved and saddened by the catastrophic events unfolding in Texas and Louisiana.  Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday night August 25, 2017 between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor, Texas as a Category 4 storm with winds of 130 MPH.  The first Category 4 storm to make landfall in the US since 2004, Harvey dropped record amounts of rain causing massive flooding.
The Rotary Districts in the areas impacted by Harvey have established funds to receive donations as they struggle to recover from the devastating flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.  Rotary is not attempting to take the place of the Red Cross, FEMA, the National Guard or other disaster relief organizations at the local, state or federal level.  As Rotarians, we have a responsibility to bring people and organizations together to better address our community needs.   Because our local Rotary Clubs are the “boots on the ground” consisting of community leaders in all walks of life, Rotarians are uniquely positioned to “make a difference” in this crisis, to advocate for their communities, to help set priorities, and to marshal resources (volunteers, workers, material and money) where they are most needed.
Because of the size of the area impacted, (the Houston area is slightly smaller than the state of Massachusetts) donations made directly to the Rotary Districts can be distributed to Rotary Clubs and their communities in the most cost effective and timely manner taking advantage of their knowledge of local conditions.  As a volunteer organization, we can also be assured that our donations are not being diverted to fund raising or administrative overhead.
Listed below (click 'read more') are the five Rotary Districts that deserve our support. Please note that District 5890, 5910, and 5930 appear to have sustained the most damage, and they also have Federal Tax Ids for their 501C-3 organizations that will receive your tax -deductible donations.  (Please make a note of the Fed. Tax. ID on your check or in your 2017 tax file and share this information with your accountant or tax preparer.) Also make sure that your donation lists your Rotary Club or town, and your Rotary District number. 
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This year marks 50 years since the founding of the first Rotaract club and we’re celebrating all year long! 50 years of taking action, leading our communities, and changing the world deserves a big celebration. How will you celebrate this historic milestone? Visit the hub for all things Rotaract 50 to get ideas to plan a service project, reconnect with alumni, and show your community the global impact of Rotaract. Download the Rotaract 50 graphic and social media photo frames to promote your 50th anniversary events and invite others to join the celebration! 

Twenty-five Rotary Clubs in northern CT and Western MA (Rotary District 7890) have joined together to fund a project that will bring fresh drinking water to two needy communities in Guatemala.  One other village will receive funding that will supplement prior donations by providing similar improvements. Including matching funds from The Rotary Foundation a total of $96,857 was raised.  Adding this amount to the funds raised during the previous ten years brings the eleven year total to $625,295.
The eight District NE PETS District Governors Elect (from left to right)  Dave Mangs(7890), Dave Underhill (7780), Jon Springer (7870), Trish Pearson (7980), Eric Denu (7850), Dave Gardner (7930), Karen Gaffney (7910), RI President Ian Riseley,  Steve Certa (7950).
Rotary District (7890) Governor Frank Wargo, Kate Sims (DGN) and Dave Mangs( DGE) share a moment at NE PETS Framingham Mass, 3/9-3-11/2017.
Rotary International President Ian Riseley instructs the President Elects in the "Rotary Smile" which is to be used whenever we face challenges or difficulties when serving as Rotary leaders.
Two stories from the Westfield Club...

The Rotary Club of Westfield is proud to announce it’s 90th Paul Harris Fellow Award was awarded to Donald Clark.  The award was presented by Club President Timothy Flynn.


The Westfield Rotary Club and the Westfield Senior Citizen Center joined forces on a project to help keep our senior citizens safe. The Rotary Club installed house numbers on homes to make it easier and quicker for first responders to locate their residences by placing them in a highly visible area. This project followed last year's battery replacement for smoke and fire detectors. Rotarian Jennifer Gruszka places a number on one of 40 elderly residences.

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