Message from Governor Kate Sims

Dear District Members,
Month “2” of our journey together and I am, once again, honored to be able to partner with each of you on this road to build up our District!!!
As many of you are aware I spent two weeks in South Africa on a VTT (Vocational Training Team) to do work on both FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) where we shared a wealth of knowledge around the importance of education on the ‘effects of alcohol and drugs” during pregnancy on the fetus and the latent affects this can / will have as the child develops in life.  We also spent much time on the discussion of “addiction” and our collective understanding that this is a disease.  We discussed the need for a greater understanding and education for all in order to assist with the negative stigma allowing those to come forward to get help. 
We spent a significant amount of time and conversation around the different effects of alcohol versus drugs and the increasing use of illicit drugs causing far worse effects on recovery. 
While South Africa is dealing with a striking significant bigger issue of poverty leading to an extensive physical effect of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy we learned that here in America we have much more work to do around this area as alcohol is our number #1 drug of choice and yet we do not have a standard process for the evaluation of this during pregnancy, rather focus on drugs. 
Overall the trip was excellent sharing an extensive amount of information and education in order to address this word wide crisis.  I will be discussing my trip to South Africa with your clubs when I visit as well want to discuss the value and opportunity we have to engage in more of the VTT’s which will lend us the opportunity to learn and to change lives.
District 7890 – Addiction Task Force.
As many of you are aware we have agreed to work on an “addiction task force” as a district initiative and in collaboration with our local Lion’s club.  This initiative started last year under the leadership of our own Marc Montminy the Chief of Police of Manchester, CT!!  With that being said we would like to congratulation Marc on a job well done setting the stage for us well we would like to wish Marc a warm congratulations and best wishes as he has recently taken a new job as the Chief of Police in Uxbridge Massachusetts’s.   We are so very grateful for Marc’s leadership in this initiative but most importantly his leadership in the town of Manchester Ct.  We will be reconvening the district committee and discussing a new chair moving forward.  More to come shortly!!
District Golf Tournament
I want to thank all of the volunteers who gracious assisted in the District Golf Tournament held August 6th, 2018!
District Visits to Date
I want to thank all of the clubs to date who I have had the pleasure of visiting in both the social setting and as a guest at your club.  I look forward to visiting each of you and hearing more about how your clubs are making a difference in our communities!!