Message from Governor Kate Sims

Dear District Members,
Month “2” of our journey together and I am, once again, honored to be able to partner with each of you on this road to build up our District!!!
As many of you are aware I spent two weeks in South Africa on a VTT (Vocational Training Team) to do work on both FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) where we shared a wealth of knowledge around the importance of education on the ‘effects of alcohol and drugs” during pregnancy on the fetus and the latent affects this can / will have as the child develops in life.  We also spent much time on the discussion of “addiction” and our collective understanding that this is a disease.  We discussed the need for a greater understanding and education for all in order to assist with the negative stigma allowing those to come forward to get help. 
We spent a significant amount of time and conversation around the different effects of alcohol versus drugs and the increasing use of illicit drugs causing far worse effects on recovery. 
While South Africa is dealing with a striking significant bigger issue of poverty leading to an extensive physical effect of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy we learned that here in America we have much more work to do around this area as alcohol is our number #1 drug of choice and yet we do not have a standard process for the evaluation of this during pregnancy, rather focus on drugs. 
Overall the trip was excellent sharing an extensive amount of information and education in order to address this word wide crisis.  I will be discussing my trip to South Africa with your clubs when I visit as well want to discuss the value and opportunity we have to engage in more of the VTT’s which will lend us the opportunity to learn and to change lives.
District 7890 – Addiction Task Force.
As many of you are aware we have agreed to work on an “addiction task force” as a district initiative and in collaboration with our local Lion’s club.  This initiative started last year under the leadership of our own Marc Montminy the Chief of Police of Manchester, CT!!  With that being said we would like to congratulation Marc on a job well done setting the stage for us well we would like to wish Marc a warm congratulations and best wishes as he has recently taken a new job as the Chief of Police in Uxbridge Massachusetts’s.   We are so very grateful for Marc’s leadership in this initiative but most importantly his leadership in the town of Manchester Ct.  We will be reconvening the district committee and discussing a new chair moving forward.  More to come shortly!!
District Golf Tournament
I want to thank all of the volunteers who gracious assisted in the District Golf Tournament held August 6th, 2018!
District Visits to Date
I want to thank all of the clubs to date who I have had the pleasure of visiting in both the social setting and as a guest at your club.  I look forward to visiting each of you and hearing more about how your clubs are making a difference in our communities!!

District News

Highly ranked healthcare professionals, Dr Courtney Townsel, Kimberly Karanda, Dr Leandri Hattingh of Tokai, Kate Sims, Dr Linda Matonis and Mary Painter.

A Rotary exchange programme has sparked awareness of the growing use of opioids and their effects on child birth.

A team of highly ranked health-care professionals from Connecticut, in America, visited Western Cape health-care facilities recently and shared knowledge on the complex problem of addiction during childbirth.

The visit followed Tokai resident Leandri Hattingh’s visit to Connecticut in May.

She says a 2010 study on illicit drug use and treatment in South Africa found that 0.1% of South Africans abused opioids, while opioids accounted for 9.2% of admissions to treatment facilities.

“While the national guidelines for the management of opioid use disorders promote the use of opioid substitution treatment, the costs are prohibitive, and access is currently limited mainly to the private health-care system.”

Kimberly Karanda, of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, says Connecticut is dealing with the highest opioid crisis in the world with 46 000 deaths in 2016, at 2.8 per day. However, this state is also a leader in child-welfare reform.

As a psychiatrist with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Stellenbosch, Dr Lize Weich confirms that they have noticed an increased trend in opioid use disorders, including illicit opiates like heroin as well as legal opiates like prescription and over-the-counter opioids (like codeine-containing analgesics and cough syrups), in the country.

Health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo says although the province has the lowest maternal mortality rate in South Africa, substance abuse during pregnancy is still rife among expecting mothers and includes smoking, alcohol and tik.

Mowbray Maternity Hospital is the largest dedicated maternity hospital in South Africa and delivers more than 10 000 babies annually. It reports the incidence of substance use in pregnant women has increased almost threefold over a five-year period with tik being the drug of choice.

Anneline Sweetnam, of Constantia Pharmacy, says they have seen an increase use of opioids -found in pain and cough medications.

In 2015, the Medicines Control Council passed legislation to reduce the dosage per pack size and reduce the quantity of codeine per dosage. Patients have to provide their identity number and each purchase gets recorded by pharmacists who counsel patients on possible problems if overused.

“In certain countries, codeine is a banned substance, or requires a script from a doctor, where it is easier to identify when there is a dependence problem. In South Africa, there is no central database to link all purchase records for medication so people often pharmacy hop to avoid counselling,” says Ms Sweetnam.

Prolonged use of opioids by the mother during pregnancy, she says, can result in physical dependence in the newborn who can suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Doctors will only recommend the short-term use, if that is the only available option and necessary, because opioid analgesics cross the placenta.

Sihle Ngobese, spokesperson for the Department of Social Development, says that since 2014 they have responded to over 50 000 drug-related cases, and treated 35 502 that make up 92% of all admissions at its 51 treatment sites across the Western Cape.

Most of those treated are male, at 73% of admissions, while 27% are female.

The latest admission data shows that tik, cannabis, alcohol and heroin (in that order) are the most common primary substances of use reported at treatment centres/ programmes.

Dr Hattingh says robust epidemiological information on substance abuse in South Africa is lacking, as is widely accessible intervention.

Around 30% of South African adults are reported to use alcohol, and 30 to 50% of users engage in harmful or hazardous drinking, often binge drinking over weekends.

One of the mitigations by the Western Cape Health Department is the First 1000 Days programme. Launched in February 2016, it focuses on the first 1 000 days of life – the time spanning roughly between conception and a child’s second birthday-a unique period of opportunity when the foundations of optimum health, growth, and neurodevelopment across the lifespan are established.

Assistant professor of maternal foetal medicine at the University of Michigan, Dr Courtney Townsel, says that while women can be educated about the short-term neonatal effects of opioid use in pregnancy, such as neonatal withdrawal, the long-term effects of opiate use in pregnancy are less clear.

“This is a new epidemic for us in America, so the data on long-term outcomes is not robust. Older studies have shown neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems in these children. Added to this are the complications that many mothers are using more than one addictive substance: tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.”

The Americans travelled to various sites across the Western Cape, including health and social care facilities, meeting representatives from NGOs and patient advocacy groups.

They also spent time with FASfacts, a non-profit organisation that educates communities on the devastating effects of alcohol on an unborn baby.

CEO and founder of FASfacts Francois Grobbelaar said the BOB programme makes use of experiential learning and life skills such as responsibility, self-esteem, respect and honesty are taught to the children from a very early age. “There is no such programme in American schools and the visitors would like to implement this programme,” said Mr Grobbelaar.

Dr Hattingh says “Saving Mothers and Children” is one of the six key focus areas of Rotary International.


Governor Sims and the Vocational Training Team visit South Africa

Please take the time to read the following reports from VTT participants:

Upcoming District Events

Save the date! Please add these to your Club's websites and share with members.
District Foundation Dinner
Thursday, November 1, 2018
Chez Josef, Agawam, MA 
Date & location to be determined
Thursday March 7-9, 2019
Framingham, MA
District Assembly
Date & location to be determined
District Business Meeting
Date & location to be determined
District Conference-
Friday, May 3-4, 2019
Danvers, MA 
RI Convention
June 1-5, 2019
Hamburg, Germany
District Installation Diner
Thursday, June 20, 2019 
Riverview, Simsbury, CT

District Foundation Giving:  2017-2018 - A Great Year for Our District

Thank you one and all for your support of The Rotary Foundation.  How did we do in 2017-2018?
Giving to the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Programs Fund was $212,634 or $103.98 per capita.  We surpassed our Annual Fund goal of at least $100 per member thanks to the hard work of Annual Fund Chair AG Sue Chatfield. 55 out of 59 clubs contributed to the Fund.  Let’s make it 100% this year.
Donations to Polio Plus totaled $55,022.  We reached an average of $26.90 per member slightly above our $26.50 per member goal.  With the Bill and Melinda Gates 2:1 match, our donations will grow to $165,066.  Many thanks go to Polio Pus Co-Chairs PDG Prasad Menon and PP Gary Miller for their campaign efforts.
Our Endowment contributions totaled $202,714. PDG Sue Klock and her committee did a fantastic job promoting the Endowment Fund for the last 3 years. Total 2017-2018 giving for all three funds was $470, 370.
Please, continue to support our Rotary Foundation. Each dollar you give will help to change lives locally and internationally.  By Doing Good in the World, we make a difference whether it’s for one person who needs a warm coat for the winter or a village that is lacking clean water. In Rotary, we change the world one person at a time.

Zone Conference in Montreal 

From: Director Jeffry Cadorette
Hello Everyone,
We all get many, many, emails from Rotary and on Rotary related topics. I’m respectfully requesting you give your attention to this one. Our topic is the upcoming event planned from September 20-22 in Montreal.
Formerly known as the Zone Institute, we have renamed it the Zone Conference. So, what’s the same, and what’s different. The Institute was originally designed to motivate, inspire, and educate past, current and incoming district governors. That has not changed. We want and need as many past governors in attendance because we know there is a critical mass of that talent and leadership that can make an event magical. The pledge of the entire planning team is that the event will be worthy of your time and resources.
What has changed. Historically attendance at a Zone Institute was restricted to those in the Governor line. If that wasn’t you, you weren’t allowed to register for the entire event. What we know though, and there are examples repeated over and over again, is that club and district Rotarians who have been able to interact with District Governors (past, present, and future) they get inspired by them and become more engaged in our organization. They get more involved. They aspire to higher levels of leadership, some of them even getting on the Governor track. (Our organization and our Zones need more of that engagement NOW)
We decided to facilitate that process and open up Montreal to ALL Rotarians. We want to facilitate and be a catalyst for that engagement between our Governors (and their knowledge, leadership skills, and commitment) and club and district Rotarians. The goal is that it will be meaningful for all. The goal is that the event will speak to all who attend.
Go to
Take a look at the program.
Share the link with Rotarians in your club and in your area. (please)
Register! (please)
Come and enjoy the wonderful city of Montreal.
Come and renew old friendships, and create new ones.
Mingle with RI President Barry Rassin and his wife Esther and other Rotary leaders from around North America.
Participate in the facilitated discussion group breakouts. Share your knowledge. Glean new morsels to take back home with you.
Be inspired by world class speakers.
On behalf of the entire Montreal planning team, we look forward to being with you in September. We appreciate you.
Thanks for your consideration. Reach out to me personally with any questions.

RI Director, 2018-20  

Addiction Task Force

On July 31st we had a combined meeting of Rotarians from Rotary District 7890 and Lions representing Lions District 23B to begin a historic combined effort to address the opiate and substance abuse crises facing our communities.
Please review the attachments below including the results of a recent survey of our Rotary Clubs, a power point presentation of Project Hope developed by our Task Force Chair- Police Chief Marc Montminy, and the minutes of our 7/31/2018 meeting.
Please share with Rotarians and Lions who would like to assist us going forward.  Rotarians or Lions interested in serving on the Task Force should forward their name, position, Club, phone and email address to:
Marc Montminy- Chair Substance Abuse/Addiction Task Force -
View the H.O.P.E. Road Show document

July 2018 Attendance

It is important that you record your attendance! Be sure to update weekly attendance to the District Clubrunner as required by Rotary International.
ClubMembersAttendance %
East Hartford4849.22
East Longmeadow2484.3
East Windsor1266.67
Franklin County26*
Great Barrington48*
Litchfield Morris24*
New Britain-Berlin44*
New Milford45*
North Adams12*
South Windsor56*
West Hartford5145.45
West Springfield63*
Wethersfield/Rocky Hill16*
Windsor/Windsor Locks2043

New Members - July 2018


Torkwan Boonnag - Amherst
Edward Cunningham - Litchfield-Morris
Shelly Decoteau - Ludlow
Chuck Ford - Simsbury-Granby
Alison Johnson - Stafford
Cynthia Mangini - Enfield
Sally Mularz - West Springfield
Jayshree Patel - Thomaston
Barbara Thompson - New Britain-Berlin
Gary Winn - Southwick

Membership Resources

Please see the materials that incoming Membership Chair Judith Green presented at the District Assembly.  These materials are immensely helpful in retaining and attracting members. Please share with your membership chairs and your entire club. The last attachment is what the Manchester Club is using for Corporate Membership – feel free to tailor it for your club’s needs.   Judith will be coordinating with the Assistant Governors on arranging Area membership meetings starting in the fall.  Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any immediate questions.

Happy Anniversary To:

Chartered July 14, 1911
Chartered July 1, 1915
Chartered July 1, 1949
Chartered July 30, 1974
Chartered July 15, 1927

In Memoriam

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of: 
Winke Lampe
New Milford
Robert Williamson

Club News and Activities

Litchfield-Morris Rotary participates in fundraiser

Litchfield-Morris Rotary participated in a fundraising event hosted by the Litchfield Land Trust featuring Paul Winters.  The event was held at White Memorial in Litchfield, CT.  The Litchfield-Morris Rotary Club was invited to set up a beverage booth to sell beverages and snacks to the attendees.  
From left to right, Rob Van Wyck, Clifford Cooper, Bob Kluge & Mickie Ann Budny.

Rotary of Avon-Canton Initiative, now in it's 3rd year of the 5 year commitment, pledging $150,000 to Favarh.

In keeping with Rotary’s commitment to public service, a portion of proceeds from the Tastes-of-the-Valley and the Annual Golf Tournament will go towards the construction of an exciting new Life Enrichment Program (LEP) building for Favarh – The Arc of the Farmington Valley. This project will help the nonprofit provide even greater support for its clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The 7,500 square-foot building, located at Commerce Drive in Canton, will enhance Favarh’s day programs for adults who can’t work because of disability and medical complexities or who have retired from work. Favarh day programs place a high emphasis on daily community excursions with a priority on volunteer work.

The new facility will be named the Rotary of Avon-Canton Building.
The Rotary of Avon-Canton has pledged over 5 years, $150,000 through 2021 toward the project. The new building will be adjacent to the Rails-to-Trails, enabling the inclusion of a Rotary Café operated by Favarh participants where walkers, bikers and their canine friends will be able to enjoy healthy snacks and drinks. Construction on the building has now begun, with completion slated for 2019.

Westfield Rotary Club completes its 3rd year supporting the Westfield Senior Center's "Retire the Fire" program.  

The faster that emergency personnel can get to the scene, the more likely that a life can be saved or a disaster averted.  It is not unusual for older adults to require the services of firefighters, paramedics, or police officers. 
When the program started, Westfield Rotary Club installed batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to help insure the residents become alerted to possible disaster.  The second year of the program added the feature of high visibility house numbers.   These numbers and their location make it easier for first responders to find a particular residence as they arrive.  These easily visible house numbers speed the response time of the first responders. The third year of the program added a 3rd feature, Lockboxes.  The faster that emergency personnel can get to the scene, the more likely that a life can be saved or a disaster averted.  But what if emergency personnel can’t get into the victim’s house easily? 
The Westfield Rotary Club in cooperation with the Westfield Senior Center, Westfield Fire and Police Departments installed lock boxes on certain residences.  This box holds a key for easy entry into the senior’s home as well as other pertinent information to help speed up and facilitate the First Responders as they arrive.  These boxes as well as easily visible house numbers speed the response time which answers the question that “Retire the Fire!” coordinators are asking the City’s older adults is, “Can you be found in an emergency?” 
If a 9-1-1 call is made, first responders need to have vital information about the person in need, prior to arriving on the scene.  It is helpful for first responders to know ahead of time if the person in distress has hearing, visual, mobility, or cognitive limitations as well as information about gate or key access, lock box location, or potential on site hazards.  For more information please contact the Westfield Senior Center at 413-562-6435
Rotarians Cynthia and Carl Hartdegen attaching high visibility numbers
Rotarian Robert Goyette installs a lockbox

Westfield Rotary provides scholarship funding

The Rotary Club of Westfield is pleased to award three additional scholarships to Westfield students; this is in addition to the yearly one that is managed by the CSF Westfield Dollars for Scholars.  These three $1,000.00 scholarships were awarded to Cassidy Pawul, Jimmy Knapik, and Fiona Cioch all from Westfield High School.
The following criteria were used for their selection.  A.) Must be in their Senior year, B.) maintain a good attendance record, C.) demonstrated community involvement, D.) have strong leadership qualities, E.) show academic effort in all studies, F.) have a positive attitude towards themselves, their peers, teachers, and life, G.) also exhibit the Rotary character traits of being truthful, being fair to all concerned, and build good will and better friendships with others.
Cassidy Pawul has received the Dartmouth Book Award, published a short story in the New York State Young writers Magazine “Young Voices” entitles “Johnny Go Boom”.  Also played leading roles in the drama productions “The Hollow”, “Death By Chocolate” and “Here Comes the Brides”.  Cassidy also finds time for tutoring at the Westfield Athenaeum with “VIPS”, tutors advanced French and English Literature and Language Art. There are too many more accomplishments than can be listed here.
James “Jimmy” Knapik has been honored as an AP Scholar with Honors in Physics, Calculus, Biology, US Government, US History, and in English and Spanish.   He also received the 2018 Mickey Sullivan Student Achievement Award from the Massachusetts Secondary Schools athletic Directors Association.  In addition to these he also received the John and Abigale Adams Honors, Bryant College Book Award, Renaissance Honors and is part of the Tri M Music Honor Society.
Fiona Cioch is the 2018 Bronze Tablet Award winner, a member of the Westfield Sons of Erin Colleen Court, received the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, WHS Band, WHS Council on Peer Education, WHS Student Council, served on the WHS Asst. Principal Search committee.  She was also WHS Class President 2018.

Franklin County Rotary Care Bags

The Franklin County Rotary club is preparing for the upcoming Franklin County Fair, taking place September 6-9.  Any volunteers from the area who wish to stop by and have fun, serving fair goers and socializing are encouraged to participate!
The Club just completed their annual “Care Bag” fundraiser.  The Care Bags are small canvas ‘31’ bags that are filled with items for children ages 2-18 with age appropriate items (plush animals, coloring books, sundries….) and delivered to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Greenfield. The CAC is dedicated to minimizing secondary trauma to child victims by streamlining the handling of cases of child sexual abuse, serious child physical abuse, and child exploitation.

Southington Rotary plants trees in local parks

On May 11, members from the Southington Rotary Club joined forces to plant 3 trees in local parks in Southington. Two trees were planted at Rec Park and one at Panthorn Park.  Environmental Sustainability is a major focus for Rotary Clubs all around the world.

Somers' Rotary provides scholarships and honors member 

Somers’ Rotary presents scholarships to 12 Somers High School Seniors!
On June 13th, Somers Rotary had a very festive meeting where the scholarship checks were awarded to the 12 recipients selected by the club! Congratulations and all the best of lunch to the scholarship recipients in their academic pursuits and to all the graduates of Somers High School!
Jeff Lipton – The Somers Rotary 2017 Random Acts of Kindness award winner!!!
On July 25th, the Somers Rotary honored Jeff Lipton with the 2017 Random Acts of Kindness award. He was also honored by Bud Knorr, Somers' First Selectman, with a town proclamation recognizing his selfless contributions to fellow residents and several organizations in Somers. Jeff’s family and friends looked on as Jeff very humbly accepted the award and addressed the audience.

Putnam Rotary gifted $3,000 from Lobster Fest

John Miller, left, president of the Putnam Rotary Club, thanks Rotarians Richard and Kathy Naumann of the Inn at Woodstock Hill, for the $3,000 donation to the Putnam Rotary Club. Each year the Inn at Woodstock Hill donates a portion of funds raised by its annual Lobster Fest.

Enfield Rotarian sings National Anthem

Enfield Rotary recently gathered together for a group outing at a Hartford Yard Goats baseball game on June 28, and saw past Enfield president Bill Squires sing the National Anthem. 

On May 29, Bill Squires, past Enfield Rotary president and past District Secretary, performed O Canada at Fenway Park before the Toronto Blue Jays -- Boston Red Sox game.  This is Bill's second appearance singing for the Red Sox.

Your Rotary Students are Departing for Year Long Exchanges

Pictured in this sea of American flags is Siobhan Dornfried jointly sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Kensington/Berlin and New Britain/Berlin.  In this picture at her Finnish Orientation Program outside of Helsinki, you can see all of the U.S. students that will be guests of Rotary until June 2019. For those that don’t know her, Siobhan is standing in the second row on the extreme right. 
More information to come next month on our other girls traveling to Peru, Argentina, Germany, and Brazil.  To learn how your club can get involved - go to the District website and explore the Youth Exchange tabs or contact Rich Friedman at

Rotary International Exchange Program Scholarship Program

Rotary International is proud to announce full scholarships to students who want to study abroad in high school.  Like a college scholarship, Rotary will pay all tuition at an International High School, Books, Room and Board, and provide the student with a monthly stipend of around $100 per month.  As is customary with college scholarships, the student is responsible for travel, insurance, and application fees.
Rotary District 7890 is proud to announce this program in conjunction with our local high schools and stipulates that students will be able to select from a list of 40 countries.  Please contact your local Rotary club to ensure their participation in this program.  All student applicants should be in the top 40% of their class and display high moral character. 
Rotary International is one of largest service organizations throughout the world with clubs in nearly 200 countries.   This organization offers students from 15 to 18.5 years old at time of departure, an opportunity to study internationally and not only become fluent in another language but become familiar with the country’s customs and traditions.  They will study in local schools and live with local families and acquire  attributes that they will find indispensable throughout their lives like independent decision making skills, budgeting, handling unique situations, and developing greater self confidence. 
Applications are now available on and initial interviews will take place at Springfield College during the first week of December.   Students who have just graduated from high school are eligible for this program as long as they are under 18.5 upon departure.
Applications will be accepted up to January 31st but please be aware that many countries will not be available because their slots will have been taken by those applying and interviewing during the December interviews.
 To find your nearest club, search Rotary District 7890 and browse the club directory or contact Rich Friedman -

Aldea, Cooperating partner on Guatemale Water Projects, offers tour for Rotarians 

For the past 11 years, ALDEA, an NGO that focuses on improving the health and well-being of the indigenous Mayans in Guatemala, has been the entity that implements the clean water & sanitation projects supported by nearly half of the clubs in District 7890. As a result of this more than decade of support, it has arranged a special tour for Rotarians.  Participants will meet those who work on a daily basis to ensure our funds are used properly, visit some of the completed villages we have supported and meet fellow Rotarians who act as the Host for our Global Grants.  Open the attached Tour Handout to read more details. 
Contact District Water & Sanitation Chair Rick Lawrence if you have questions:
860-558-2793 Cell

Rotary Club of Amherst completed their annual Backpack Project

For the 8th straight year, the Rotary Club of Amherst packed backpacks with school supplies and donated 150 backpacks to the Amherst Regional Public Schools for students who are income eligible. This is one of the Club's favorite service projects.


Looking for a guest speaker?

Bob Newbold has been a Newington Rotarian since 1979, Past-President (3 times), Paul Harris Fellow, and Program Chairman for many years. He is an independent insurance agent, but refrains from speaking of his profession during his presentation. He has spoken at several Rotary Clubs already: Farmington, Plainville, West Hartford, Avon, Manchester and New Britain.
On March 20, 2017, Bob Newbold’s life was rocked by a stroke. He was in his office when suddenly, without warning, he lost the use of his right side and his ability to speak. In his presentation he discusses the changes that have come to his life as a result. The presentation is called “A Stroke of Luck” because he was fortunate to have all the components necessary to have a positive outcome: a “perfect storm” of things that went right.
Since then, he has made it his mission to educate people of the importance of recognizing the signs and seeking treatment immediately. Bob has received national, statewide, and local recognition for his outreach efforts. It is his wish that anyone who has a stroke can be as blessed as he has been.
Related videos and articles:   (Hartford HealthCare video- 2 min.)  (Nat’l Stroke Association 2017 RAISE Award announcement                                                 (Hartford Courant article)  Heartbeat Magazine (Page 9) Mended Hearts Support Group  West Hartford Chamber of Commerce 2018 Volunteer of the Year
For more information, Bob can be reached at:
860-874-1479 (cell)

Upcoming Club Events

Great Barrington Rotary Club hosting Bike-N-Fly event

The Great Barrington Rotary Club is is hosting it’s Bike-N-Fly event on August 18th. It started 8 years ago as a fly-in at the airport and has grown into much more including a cycling event. Fun for the entire family!

Learn more:


East Longmeadow Rotary Club Concert Series

East Longmeadow Rotary Club Concert Series in full swing for this year.  This is the 33rd year of the series hosted for the community on Wednesday nights (rain dates on Thursdays). Our 2018 schedule included 8 concerts with fireworks after the July 3rd concert. Additionally, the club hosted a carnival in Center Field for 5 days before July 4th; and, many of our members were part of the July 4th Parade Committee.
The concert attendees enjoy hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream and beverage from our custom built concessions stand. Pre-concert viewing of Rotary International videos is available on the club’s display trailer designed by our committee members.  Join us for our last couple of concerts – concert booklet available at

End Polio Now with the Hartford Yard Goats

                                          Click HERE for tickets!

Westfield Rotary Food Fest

The Rotary Club of Westfield presents the 4th annual Food Fest! The event takes place Friday, August 24 & Saturday, August 25 and features two stages with continuous musical entertainment, an exciting car show, and many food vendors with many of your favorite foods. Visit to learn more. 

Avon-Canton Golf Tournament

The Rotary Club of Avon-Canton invites all to the 35th Annual Golf Tournament on August 27, 2018 at the Golf Club of Avon.

Larry Sullivan, Event Chair 
For more information contact Larry at 860-693-2847 or bkls[at]
or Michelle Hagan at 908-989-9856 or michelle.t.hagan[at]

Download sponsorship brochure

Southwick Rotary Club Annual Steak Roast

Southwick Rotary Club plans its annual steak roast for September 19th. Ray Fox, President of the Southwick Rotary Club, announced that the plans for the steak roast are now in place.  He said “that Rotary has been hosting this event for over 30 years.  The steak roast is one of the area’s favorite venues for residents, individuals, local business leaders, civic clubs, organizations, and town leaders who gather together for a good cause.”  The experience is unique as everyone joins around the open grill to cook his/her steak while enjoying the camaraderie.  The roast will be held at the VFW Post 872, 151 Point Grove Road, Southwick, starting at 6:00 p.m.  

Fox also said that the grounds at the VFW include a play yard for children, and horse shoe pits for those who chose to play a game or two.  The menu includes steaks and burgers along with a baked potato, salad, corn-on-the-cob, desert and refreshments (cash bar).  Live entertainment and a raffle will be provided. Tickets are $25 and should be purchased in advance.  The Club will also salute our community first responders – Police, Fire and SEMA.

Tickets may be purchased from Rotarians Bob Fox at 413 579 4585 or any member of the Southwick Rotary Club. Proceeds from the event will support youth and community projects.

Ludlow Rotary 13th Annual K-9 Poker Run

The Rotary Club of Ludlow invites all to the K9 Poker Run on Saturday, September 22 at the Ludlow Fish & Game Club. Proceeds benefit the Ludlow Police Department K-9 Unit and the Ludlow Rotary Charitable Foundation, Inc.

A New Course for This Year’s Farmington Rotary 5K Race

Runners are encouraged to register now for Farmington Rotary’s 11th Annual 5K Race to be held on Sunday, September 23th beginning at 9 am. This year, the race will be held for the first time on the trails of Tunxis Mead Park on trails along the beautiful Farmington River. It will finish in front of the Farmington High School Boathouse. Runners will compete for age group awards and prizes. This year’s fee will be $35.  The Lee Chisholm Award will be presented to the first Farmington resident finishers, male and female.
There will also be a shorter, more informal Kids Race, which will be free of charge.  Children will all receive participation ribbons.
Visit our race website at for a Registration Link, directions, a video of the trails, and a link for businesses which would like to be Race Sponsors.

Rotary Club of Newington Golf Tournament


Since 1960, the Rotary Club of Newington has been helping the local, nation and worldwide community. Our club is especially involved when it comes to helping children. So it came as no surprise when members decided to raise money for the eradication of children’s cancer and chose Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation as the charity for this event.

Please join us in this fight against children’s cancer by playing golf, becoming a sponsoradvertiser or donating raffle prizes.

Don't play golf but want to help make a difference? Be a patron sponsor for only $25!

Thank you for your interest in the Newington Rotary Lemonade Golf Tournament! Click on link to find registration and donation forms.

The club has raised over $102,000 so far. And, with your help, we can do more!


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District 7890 would like to thank Karen Andrews for her many years of hard work on the monthly District newsletter, and extend a congratulations on her retirement from this position.  Thank you, Karen!

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